Hello Janis,

A friend got these cool pics of Bo & I from Keystone's DockDogs Codorus Blast event. The BigAir jump was like 20'10" (not his best) but his launch, my timing on the throw, toy placement & his pose r simply beautiful. Really wish this would of been 1of his better jumps though. But yeah, feel free to use the pics if you’d like! Looks awesome in his NUPRO diving suit!!!!!

Much luv & God bless
Phil Bittner
President of Keystone DockDogs
Co Owner of Team Six Pack & a Double Shot of Jack, proudly sponsored by NUPRO Supplements & Truk9.

Symee’s Championship win! 11 months of age Owned by Tom Tomaszewski/Jim Sable Winning Show at Genesee Valley Kennel Club. Handled by Carmen and ‘G.’ Awesome NUPRO powered win!!!

Dear Janis,

I'm so glad your business is so successful and you're there for a continued legacy of canine health.

I've been giving Nupro to my dogs since the early 90's and they've always loved it. My 18-year-old German Shepherd rescue dog, Fred, just crossed the rainbow bridge, after he had a long and healthy life thanks to Nupro. Attached is a pic of him at 17, last year, having just retrieved his ball and climbing back uphill with it, and a pic of him at 18 in his wheelchair. Thanks for being the best part of his nutrition!


Karen B.


Hi, my name is Randy Lauscher from East Point, GA. This morning while getting ready for work, my Corgi "Marty" got a hold of my empty jar of Nupro, and proceeded to get his head stuck in the jar! I couldn't get it off, so I went to the garage and got some wire cutters and cut through the plastic. Attached is a picture of him I quickly took with my digital camera. I couldn't help but laugh, he looked so pitiful with that jar on his head! I thought you might find this funny... I guess it's quite a testimony to your product! ;)

Randy Lauscher

The Gang

Hi there,
I met one of your representatives at the Atlantic City Pet Trade show and she gave me a Free sample of your Nupro - Joint supplement for Dogs. I love it so much that I wish to purchase the 5# or greater container of it.
Please let me know if I should or could order it directly from you or where I can get it. I have 7 dogs that perform Frisbee shows around the country as members of the Purina Incredible Dog Team and for myself, Rise & Shine Canines and your product is by far the best I've ever used/tried.

Thank you,
Gail L. Mirabella

Hi Janis,
As we discussed, I've written up my experience with Nupro with my (now) ten year old Labrador that has hip dysplasia in both hips. She has a relatively severe case, based on x-rays that were done when she was almost one year of age.

Sydney was rescued by a breeder (not her own breeder) when she was eight months old. I had just had to have another Lab put to sleep because of Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and my remaining Lab was in mourning, as was I. When I met Sydney, she was asymptomatic of any hip problems. She was a typical happy-go-lucky, tail-wagging girl! I am forever impressed by the sheer joy of living that Labs display. My veterinarian felt around her hips and mentioned that he thought an x-ray might be in order. Because I had just lost one dog, he was concerned about the potential health problems that this new dog might have. The bad news was that Sydney had canine hip dysplasia in both hips. We talked about what this might mean down the road. I was not in a position to afford the hugely expensive surgery, and at that time, there were no local vets that had the orthopedic know-how to do the surgery. (Dogs were sent downstate for the surgery - this involved two separate surgeries, one hip at a time.) So, the vet explained what I might anticipate: arthritis, lameness, spinal problems poor muscle development in the hind quarters, etc. I have always kept Sydney very trim as to not stress her hips further. She did very well and continued (suprisingly to all) to be asymptomatic until she was six years old. She had periods of lameness which seemed to self-correct.She began having difficulty lifting her head up and tended to always carry it in a lowered position. I began to notice that her upper body (chest) became very developed from carrying the brunt of her body weight, and she became somewhat pigeon-toed in her front feet as a result. Still, dogs being the stoic beings that they are, she carried on. Then one day, she would not attempt to go up the stairs. This was disturbing. While she wanted to be with me, she could not take the stairs. She made a few attempts over several days, but then yelped in pain. We went to the vet, and the vet said that the head position, the pain, etc., were all byproducts of the hip dysplasia - she now had a raging case of arthritis. She prescribed Cosequin DS and Rimadyl. I had some real concerns about the Rimadyl as we have all heard stories about the side effects on a dog's liver and life. This is when I began to really search for alternatives to help Sydney. I belong to a Vetmed list online, and I posted Sydney's situation. I received a variety of responses ranging from "The damage is done" to some interesting alternatives to help Sydney. Most of all, I did not want to see her in pain. This is when someone mentioned Nupro to me. I went to the Nupro web site, and read about the product. At that time, the Joint Support formula was not yet available. So, I ordered five pounds of Nupro for Sydney. In my research, while trying to find a solution for Sydney, I read over and over that it is important to get big, active dogs on glucosamine while they are pups.I decided that my other Lab would also be getting the Nupro, based on the terrific ingredients. I did not anticipate the incredible LOVE my dogs would have for Nupro! They lick their bowls totally clean and then some!(They get their Nupro in the a.m. feeding, and when I pull down the Nupro container, they all start to do the tap dance of Joy!)

After one month, Sydney had her first blood work to be sure the Rimadyl was not having a negative impact on her liver, and all was well. With the Rimadyl, she was able to take stairs again, but very slowly. I noticed something else at this point , too. Sydney has always had seasonal allergies and would shed and itch and lick like crazy from May to November. I noticed that the licking had decreased a good deal (but hadn't figured out the Nupro link yet). Then, several people commented on how wonderful and shiny her coat was - then the light came on. I suppose because I see her every day, I did not see the subtle changes in her coat and appearance. But, there she was, not shedding like crazy, shiny and her coat no longer had that oily quality I had earlier observed. I decided to wean her slowly off the Rimadyl at this point. By the time two months had passed, Sydney was totally off of Rimadyl. She has never taken it again. I started Sydney on the Nupro Joint Support as soon as it became available - and the difference has been significant. I also weaned her off of the CosequinDS. The response is very noticeable, moreso than anything I witnessed with the (very expensive) CosequinDS. The big difference is that Sydney now 'moves' again!

Today, I am happy to report that Sydney is a very healthy ten years old! She just had a dental cleaning and total blood work up, and the vet said she is the picture of health. No more lameness, no more yelping, and she bounds up and down the stairs. She stopped playing with toys when the pain started years back, but in the past year or so, she has enjoyed stealing the ball from the other dogs and taking offshe RUNS again. I have not seen her really take off in a run in years. It actually scares me to see her whizzing by; I'm afraid she'll hurt herself. But, as a friend reminded me, she is obviously not in pain if she chooses to run around. And, most important, she is having fun.

All of my Labs now eat Nupro Joint Support (no bad hips with the others, but the benefits of this product are too good to pass up). I work with Lab Rescue, and we have put many of our new arrivals on Nupro. Emaciated dogs, dogs with skin conditions and dogs with orthopedic problems have all benefited from Nupro. Some of the foster homes even decided to put their own dogs on Nupro when they have seen the improvement in their foster rescue dogs. (All a dog needs to do is get a whiff of this stuff, and they insist on having some!) Another friend of mine has a schnauzer that had horrendous digestive problems, gas and bloating. The vet finally got desperate and recommended that the dog's gallbladder be removed, and this surgery was done. The dog showed no improvement and continued to suffer. My friend took my advice and began her schnauzer on Nupro. That was four years ago. The schnauzer is now a hale fifteen years old and shows no signs of digestive upsets, gas or bloating. However, my friend mentioned that when she was out of Nupro and her dog was not eating it for two weeks, the symptoms began to return. We have no doubt that removing corn, soy and wheat from her diet and adding Nupro was the key.

In my house, we LOVE NUPRO! I have told many people about Nupro, and one common thread is this: once a pet owner begins to use it....they do not stop. The enthusiasm a dog displays when being fed Nupro tells the whole story! Dogs that would not eat or were very picky, attack their food when Nupro is in it. To me, it is some sort of magic. I do not totally understand how it works, but I know that it DOES work. I would never have a pet without feeding it Nupro. The benefits are huge.

Thanks for the incredible product. Because of Nupro and the changes I have seen in all of my dogs, I have learned a good deal about nutrition.

Anyone who loves their dog will love Nupro. For me, I am grateful to you folks. Because of Nupro, I have a ten year old Lab that no one thought would be ambulatory beyond seven years of age. Who would have thought that she would be running and playing and pain-free at ten? I don't believe we can ask more than that!!!

Peggy Roesner

Dear Bruce Homer,

In December of 1997 I was visiting my sister-in-law Rita in Vista California. When I arrived I couldn't believe my eyes, her 18 year old Cocker Spaniel was still alive. I Not only was she still here, she looked so much better than she had in the past. Rita explained that she had heard about a wonderful product, Nupro, from her dog groomer that could help her dogs coat and skin. She put Cinnamon on it and with in three weeks she started to see improvement. I immediately asked where she had purchased Nupro and the next day went to get some for our dog.

Our dog Shadow is a Blue Merle Sheltie and has had reoccurring problems with his skin and hair. Over the past ten years he has had hot spots, dry itchy scalp, and numerous infections that have cost us hundreds of dollars. His last infection left him almost hairless from the middle of his back to his tail. Our veterinarian put him on steroid drugs that caused other side affects. I have always felt that there must be a better way. So when Rita told me of her success story, and I read the can and saw all the wonderful ingredients I figured what did I have to loose by giving Nupro a chance.

It has now been three months since Shadow has been on Nupro. Not only did all of his hair grow back but he is much more alert and has more energy and also seems to love the taste of Nupro. After I noticed a great improvement I cut back on the dosage as instructed on the can. About two weeks ago I noticed a small hot spot starting on his back, so I increased the dosage again and like a miracle the spot went away.

I want to thank Nupro for making Shadow so much happier and for making our lives so much easier. No matter what dog I have in the future I will always use Nupro!!

Thanks Again,
Barbara Taber,
West Hiis, California

Hi Janis,
I heard about Nupro from a number of people. After hearing such wonderful things about it, I decided to buy some and try it. It is amazing!!! My 15 month old Rottweiler had a shoulder injury. He would heal, then start limping again, over and over. Now he has no more problems at all, his coat is so soft and shiny, and he just loves it! Thank you for making such an amazing product available.

Anne & Bauer


My name is Kathleen Sanderson and I am the proud owner of two male Rottweilers: Addison, 5 year old rescue, and Carter, 8 month old puppy. I was originally told to try Nupro by Judy Marion at Nova Rottweiler Rescue, but then was convinced by a number of members on Rotts N Nots yahoo group (including Noel Gilbert and Jackie Carlson) to give it a shot.

I have now had both boys on the Joint Supplement for 6 weeks. There are a number of things that I have noticed have improved! To begin with, their coats are both so shiny and soft! Addison's coat feels like a fleece blanket, seriously! I receive compliments constantly on both of them. I have also noticed that they hardly shed now. I used to have to sweep my wood floors in the house every day in order to not get hair balls in the corners and under tables. But now I can easily go quite a few days, and their hair does not come off in waves when I brush them!

They both also LOVE the taste, as I mix it with water to make the gravy. And a number of my friends who have dogs that were very picky with their food have found that adding the Nupro has finally made their dogs gobble everything up! I also love the fact that it has so many vitamins, minerals, amino acids etc!

But the most important reason why I started to add Nupro to both of my dogs diet, was because of the glucosamine complex in the Supplement! Addison tore his right ACL two months before he turned 3 years old. He then tore his left ACL a year later (had both surgeries on the exact same day, one year apart!). In the past year I had alsonoticed that hewould start limping slightly on his right shoulder, and I was just waiting for him to completely fall apart joints wise. I was giving him glucosamine in a tablet form, but I wanted to do something more for him, and I had heard so many wonderful things about Nupro helping with achy joints and limping so I decided to give it a try. Since I have started the Nupro Joint Supplement, he has completely stopped limping and I just feel so much better about him. I am no longer half as worried.

So thank you very much! I even managed to convince my local doggie boutique to carry Nupro products, so that I no longer have to order it online.

Kathleen Sanderson

From: Mary Pappas
To: [email protected]
Sent: Friday, April 29, 2005 4:24 PM
Subject: how Nupro has helped my rottie girl, Sable

I just wanted to take a moment to say 'thank you'. I ordered the Nupro Joint Support for my 5 year old rottie girl, Sable, a few weeks ago. I belong to a yahoo group and many there told me this is amazing. Sable is a 5 yo rottie who sadly was kept indoors her whole life (never saw the light of day). She is a big girl, at 100 pounds (down from 110 when we got her the day after this past Thanksgiving). Her back end was very underdeveloped due to lack of excercise. She had been having alot of problems getting up (very stiff) and sometimes when up on the couch, when she shifted positions, she would yelp. Also, she had been sleeping up in bed with us, but had not been able to get up there for a while now (and would not allow you to help her, growled if you touched her back end.) Also, we had gotten a new pup and she really would growl and snap at him if he came near her, especially that back end.

I started her on the Nupro a little over two weeks ago and to say the difference in her is amazing is an understatement! She is back up in bed with us at night, gets up with no problems, have not heard any crying and best of all, she is PLAYING with the puppy! Even grabbing toys and making him chase her! And RUNNING around the backyard like a little puppy! I was in tears the first time I saw her do that!! And as if that weren't enough, she had a bad case of dandruff......ALL GONE!

I have put my other two on it (2yo rottie boy, and 16 week old rottie pup). They LOVE IT!

I wish I had know about this product before. I had a rottie boy with pretty severe h/d and I know this would have helped him. (We lost him a little over a year ago after a short bitter battle with OS. Not to the OS, but sadly to kidney failure, as the vet messed up during chemo.)

Anyway, thank you for helping me to help my sweet girl to enjoy life again (and also for giving my other two a great way to stay in good shape!) I would recommend your product to anyone without hesitation. As a matter of fact, I still belong to a group about canine bone cancer. I am sure many would be interested in adding this product to their pets diets, as being a tripod can really mess with their joints.

Thank you again,
Mary Pappas,
Essex, MA


To: [email protected]
Sent: Tuesday, April 26, 2005 12:50 PM
Subject: I love Nupro

Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate this supplement! Judy Marion from NovaRotts Rescue told my email group about this supplement and how wonderful it was and how we should all use it!  So, there were a lot of us on Rotts n Nots that decided to give it a try and I am hooked!

Ember, my Rottie, was diagnosed with HD when she had her 1yr x-rays done. She is moderately severe on one side and severe on the other.  She has just finished her first 5lb tub of Nupro Joint and she looks wonderful. Her coat is like patent leather and her teeth are pearly white.  She runs like a greyhound and jumps like a kangaroo. She just had her 3rd birthday on April 15th and you can see how happy she is! I can’t thank you enough for making this product, it is the best!

Candy and Nitro’s Ember von Albree – aka Emmy

Dear Nutri-Pet,
Thank you for the last order of Nupro. I hope my puppy buyers will be as happy with the product as I have been. My blue merle smooth Collie, Ch. Natural Showgirl, CGC TDI TT VC, has been on Nupro for over a year now. Because of your product, I am going to be able to show her at our National Specialty this year. You see, she has been plagued in the past with hot spots and staph infections while "blowing coat". Since using Nupro this has stopped!! She started to shed about a month ago and I wasn't going to enter her at the National, but I started to notice that she wasn't loosing a lot of hair! So I went ahead and entered her. I am amazed at her condition. I want to thank you for making a great product! I hope I have as much luck in the "specials" ring as I have had with using Nupro.

Christine Chin Wrangler Collies

March 18,1998
Nutri-Pet Research, Inc.
? Farmingdale, NJ 07727

Dear Janice:
Your name was given to me by Donna at Nischwitz & Co. in South Plainfield, NJ.

I wanted to let you know how great my husband and I feel your product NUPRO is. I have been giving it to my German Shepherd dog for about 3 months and the difference in her coat is incredible. Her fur actually shines!

In addition, she used to shed terribly and the vacuum cleaner had a major task in trying to pick up her fur. We often would find a bunch of fur on the carpeting and around the kitchen table. Now, she is no longer shedding and this alone makes NUPRO a real asset to me.

I am so very glad that Donna recommended NUPRO to us and I thought you would like to know how great we feel your product is.

Lorayne M. Didodo (Mrs. Joseph Didodo)