Question: What is the source of the Liver in Nupro?
Answer: Nupro uses a premium quality Pork Liver which is human-grade.
We chose this protein source for a couple of reasons. Firstly, the most common food allergens in dogs are beef, dairy, chicken, wheat, corn and soy. Secondly, Pork liver is higher in B Vitamins and Iron than either beef or chicken. Last, but not least, pets LOVE the taste and aroma of real liver!



Question: Is Nupro Grain Free?
Answer: Yes. Nupro Supplements contain no grains or grain by-products. No wheat or glutens, corn, barley, fillers, artificial sugars or preservatives, dairy, or by-products of any kind. Just good old-fashioned, fresh, unprocessed ingredients, sourced from easily digestible whole foods that “naturally” supply your pet with the vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino and omega fatty acids he/she needs to stay healthy!

Question: Is there an Expiration Date on the container?
Answer: Yes. Each container has a Lot Code sticker located next to the bar code near the label seam. The last 6 digits of the Lot Code# is the Date of Expiration. For example: Lot Code# R1 031815 = Date of Expiration is March 18, 2015. Keep in mind, the potency of nutrients do begin to gradually deplete over time and although the product will still be safe, your pet may not receive the full benefit of the nutrients after the date of expiration.

Question: How long will Nupro remain fresh? Does it need to be refrigerated?
Charley Answer: All Nupro products have a shelf-life of 2 years from their date of manufacture. The organic flaxseed used in our products is naturally stabilized by a patented cold-processing procedure that allows it to remain fresh without requiring refrigeration. Simply seal the lid tightly to keep it cool and dry. Normal room temperature ranges are perfect.

Question: How often and for how long should I give Nupro to my pet?
Answer: Nupro is formulated to be given to your pet every day, much like a daily vitamin that you would take to boost your immune system and maintain your own optimal health. The daily recommended amount of Nupro, based on the weight of your pet, is best divided between the number of meals you feed throughout the day. For example, if you feed your pet twice a day (morning and night) give half of the daily dose in the morning and the other half at night. Why? There are limits to how fast and how much of a given nutrient can be absorbed by your pet’s body during a given unit of time. When you overwhelm the absorption pathways, by giving too much at once, you waste nutrients. Remember, slower is better when it comes to absorption of essential nutrients.


Question: How should I give Nupro to my pet?
Answer: Nupro can be given dry or wet. To make a great liver flavored gravy combine the required amount of Nupro with water, or broth. Depending on your pet’s preference, you can use more or less water to vary the consistency. The amount of water is not set in stone. Adjust the thickness to your pet’s preference. It can be given with your pet’s meal or separately.

Question: What size container should I buy? How long will it last?
Answer: Nupro comes in 4 different size containers each with an appropriately sized dosing scoop included. The actual weight of your dog will determine how many scoops per day your pet will need. By using the dosing chart printed on the label you can easily calculate the proper daily amount of Nupro your pet will require. Once you determine the number of scoops needed per day for your dog’s weight you will be able to approximate how long each of the containers will last for your individual dog. IMPORTANT! The scoop size in the 1# Small Breed size is equal to 1 teaspoon. We use this size scoop ONLY for the 1 pound size as it makes measuring easier for smaller dogs weighing 20 pounds or less. All of the other three size containers include a larger 3 Tablespoon scoop.
Approximate number of scoops in the different container sizes-
1. 1 Pound Small Breed Size- 144 scoops (teaspoon). For dogs under 20 pounds.
2. 30 Oz. Size- 30 scoops (3 Tablespoon scoop) Approximately a 30 day supply for dogs weighing 40 pounds.
3. 5 Pound Size- 80 scoops (3 Tablespoon scoop) Ideal for large breed dogs.
4. 20 Pound size- 320 scoops (3 Tablespoon scoop) Excellent for kennels or multiple dog households.

Sami and Cleo

Question: Will Nupro cause my pet to have loose stools?
Answer: Due to its raw, unprocessed nature, Nupro is a very rich product. As with any change to your pet’s diet, it is wise to make adjustments slowly rather than “cold turkey”. On rare occasions some pets may develop a loose stool when you first begin giving Nupro. If you notice that your pet’s stool is softer than usual this is due to the action of the ingredients ridding the body of toxins. This flushing process can cause stools to become more fluid. Simply decrease the amount of Nupro for a few meals and build it back up more slowly. Start with a small amount and gradually increase it over a period of a few days until you are providing the required amount based on your pet’s weight. The stool will become firmer once your pet’s body adjusts to the product.

Mertz and Lokai

Question: If I am giving my dog the Nupro Joint & Immunity Support Formula do I need to give the Original "Gold" Formula as well?
Answer: No. The Joint & Immunity Support Formula "Silver" uses the Original "Gold" Formula as its base to which we add the extra ingredients - Glucosamine, MSM, Ester-C® and Chondroitin. This way your dog is assured of getting all of the vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino and omega fatty acids required to maintain his/her overall health PLUS the added extras which support and maintain the health and resiliency of joints, muscles and connective tissues and to ease discomfort associated with the normal aging process and active lifestyles.


Question: Can Nupro be given to puppies and kittens?
Answer: Most definitely! You can begin to introduce Nupro to your pet as soon as he/she begins to show an interest in eating solid food, usually 6-8 weeks after birth. Marigold Start by “seasoning” their daily diet with a “pinch” of Nupro offered with each meal to allow them to become accustomed to the smell and taste. As they begin to grow you can adjust the daily amounts of supplement required based on their weight.


Question: Is there someone at Nupro who can answer my questions?
Casey Answer: Yes. Our normal business hours are Monday-Friday, 9AM-5PM EST.
During that time we have a very knowledgeable staff available to speak with you in person by calling us toll free @ 800-360-3300. Charley After hours you are welcome to leave a voice message at that number or email your questions and/or comments to [email protected]. We will always get back to you promptly, usually the next business day.